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Interested in getting your CPL (Concealed Pistol License)? Look no further! We work with the best in the business and cater our classes to your needs and help answer any questions you might have!

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We have the largest selection of Trolling Tackle for the the Great Lakes in the Country. We also have a great selection of tackle for Inland and River fishing as well. Let us outfit you for success! We look forward to seeing you at Lakeshore Tackle and Firearms in Saugatuck!

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No Mail in Rebates, No Strings Attached!! Buy one of the pictured 1911's and receive a Sig Sauer 1911 .22LR for Free! Only 8 of these Packages available, hurry in because they wont last long! Call Aaron or Joel for more information (269) 857-2248!

Big Fish Are Here!! 20lb+ Fish Are Being Caught Out Of Holland And Saugatuck!!

Fishing Report 8/26/2014

These are a couple of photos from our Sunday evening and a short Monday morning trip. Fish are much bigger right now ranging from 14-25lbs. The evening bite seems to be producing a slightly more consistent bite but the morning fishing has been great as well. Yesterday the best depth of water was 95-115ft of water. There is also great fishing in the 135-160ft of water range. Meat Rigs have proven to be the most effective with some flashers and flies working as well. Make sure you slow down your troll a bit out there, the best speed has been 2.3-2.4mph at the probe.

Top Rods/Reels and Depths
Best Depth of Water-95-115ft Both North and South of Holland. Smaller fish can be found in 135-160ft of water.
Downriggers- 45-70ft Down
Divers 140-200ft Back on 3 Setting/ 90-140ft Back on 1 Setting.. Divers with Meat Rigs are a sure bet right now. 
Coppers- Morgan's Copper in 200, 225, 300, 450ft Lengths

Top Baits

Meat rigs are an absolute Must Out there Right now!! We have all the hottest colors in stock right now and plenty of Meat as Well!!
-Big Weenie No Rules Combo (Been Really Good)
-Thruster Buster Combo
-Kavorkian Spin Doctor with UV Gasoline Meat Rig
-Big Weenie Glow Frog Combo
-Big Weenie No Fish Nick Glow Meat Rig
-Blue Tribal Glow
-Spotted Dick/ Spotted Dick UV Meat Rig

The Spoon Bite has been Really Slow Lately
here are a few of the most consistent colors.
-Pro King Dirty Harry
--Mag Blue Dolphin
-Moonshine RV Spoons

Plugs have just started to work lately, We recommend Silver Horder Ace-Hi Plugs in the splatter patterns. We expect plugs to start working better as fish more in closer to the piers in the next few weeks.

Flasher and Flies
Flashers on the divers are working great. By far the best and most asked for Spin Doctors are the Following
Yellow Dot Closer w/ Big Weenie Proctologist Fly
Kevins Girlfriend Flasher with Big Weenie Proctologist Fly Behind it
Super Glow Blue Dot Spin Doctor w/ Big Weenie Frostbite Fly.
Various other colors, stop in and see us!!

Meat Rigs----
If you are looking for Big Weenie Brand Stinky Stinky Cutbait Rigs we have a great selection right now and more coming in daily. Spotted Dick Meat Rigs have limited quantities so please call us at (269) 857-2248 to make sure we have them if that is the color you are looking for.

We have both Familiar Bite Trolling Strips and Dreamweaver Herring Strips in Stock right now! Stop in and get stocked up!!



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